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Bikepacking set rental

If you own a good mountainbike or gravel bike that is suitable for off road riding but don't own any camping gear and bikepacking bags, you can rent a bikepacking set to get started. This set includes the following items:

Together this provides all the basics you need to join the weekend. The sleeping system fits in the handlebar bag which leaves the seat pack free for some spare clothes. These bags can easily be attached to almost any bike. It is still advisable to bring a small backpack to carry food and other personal items.

Since this system doesn't include a tent (but only a bivvy bag), we provide a communal shelter, large bungalow tent or otherwise at the campsites to sleep under.

The total rental cost for the full set is € 60 for the whole weekend.

If you're interested in renting a set, please send an e-mail to