Servatius Bikepacking Weekend


Ride, eat, sleEp, repeat

The second edition of the Servatius Bikepacking Weekend's will be organized from Friday August 30th till Sunday September 1th 2019. This 3-day gravel cycling event in the beautiful hills of Zuid-Limburg (NL) and the German Eiffel,  will start at the Vrijthof in Maastricht, right in front of the Basilica of Saint Servatius. The finish will be on top of Maastricht's Saint Pieters berg. 

The adventure is a fully self-supported bikepacking ride aimed at beginner & intermediate bikepackers. It is definitely not a race, so feel free to ride alone or team up with your fellow bike packers. Sharing a cold drink afterwards is encouraged though. And since the ride is self supported, make sure to bring reliable mechanical gear. You will also have to carry your own camping equipment and additional food & water. What we will do for you? The organization will provide you with a GPX file of the full route, senic camping locations & a hot meal on day 1 & 2. 


  • Group departure: August 30th, 10:30 Basilica of Saint Servatius, Maastricht.

  • Finish: September 1st at Maastricht Saint Pieters berg.



For the second edition we’ve updated a large part of the route compared to 2018. This means even more off-road sections and even better camping spots.

The route mainly follows gravel roads and forest tracks and has some single track and bicycle lanes included. We will guide you trough the scenic hills of Zuid-Limburg (NL) and then cross the border into Germany's Eiffel area before heading back into Limburg through the Rurh region. Because we like to explore the roads less travelled, the route requires a mountainbike or CX/gravel bike. Don’t worry, we will make sure the route won’t be too technical!

The different days will roughly have the folling profile:

  • Fri. 30/8: 90 km, 1200 hm.

  • Sa. 31/8: 132 km, 800 hm.

  • Su. 1/9: 95 km. 600 hm.

How you go through the days is completely up to you, so you can take the occasional coffee and lunch break. We will indicate some nice picnic spots on the GPX track. We will make sure the stage end with a hot meal and a few cold beers waiting for you.  The route will not be signposted, so the organization will provide a GPX file is to all participants a few days before the start.




After a long day in the saddle, you'll finish at a lovely campsite where we will set up camp for the night. The camping locations will be beautiful, but simple. We will make sure the campsite has, at the minimum, running water and a few toilets. But because we all like a bit of adventure, we can’t guarantee a hot shower every night.

Since this is a Bikepacking weekend you'll need to carry all your gear including a tent or bivvy bag on your bicycle.

If you don't own the necessary camping gear and bikepacking bags, we offer a rental option. Please visit our rental page for more information.





Photo by  @uninspiredramblings

Food & drinks

Each night a simple, but very nutirous hot meal will be provided to all participants (vegetarian option possible). Don't forget to bring your own plate, mug and utensils!

We will also offer unlimited hot water at the camping location to prepare coffee, tea or breakfast. In the afternoon and evening we sell a few cold beers & soda’s to enjoy after a long day in the saddle.

All other food & drink's you will need during the weekend (breakfast, lunch, snack) should be taken care of by yourself. There are no cooking facilities at the campsites, but we do provide you with boiled water for things like oatmeal or instant noodles.

The route will regularly pass through towns with supermarkets & restaurants where you can resupply.




Costs & registration

We like to keep the Servatius a small scale event that is most suitable to beginner & intermediate bikepackers. Therefore there is only a limited number of tickets available.

The costs of entry, which includes a.o. the costs for the campsites, 2 hot meals and the GPX routes is €99 (exc. service fee) per person.

Buy your ticket here


Photo by  @uninspiredramblings


If you have any questions, please do ask them. We can be reached by email and on Facebook and we will get back to you as soon as possible.